Step 1

On a clean working surface, place one sheet of phylo dough. Lightly brush some butter onto the dough. Place another sheet of phylo dough on top of the first sheet.

Step 2

Using a small bowl as a mold, line the bowl with the phylo dough. Optionally at this step you can add toasted pine nuts and almonds or any other toppings on the bottom of phylo dough. Then top with your cooked rice. Then fold in the edges to create a sealed pastry. Repeat this same procedure with the other 6 sheets of phylo dough

Step 3

Place the 4 oozies on a baking tray and bake for 10-15 at 350 degrees farenheit or until golden brown. 

Step 4

Serve with our shirazi salad or cucumber yogurt salad.


8 Sheets of Phylo Dough

4 Cups of Cooked Riz and Bazalya

(rice with peas)

Melted Butter













Tips and Tricks

Tip #1

This is a terrific way to use leftover rice.


Tip #2

Depending on your rice you may want to add some moisture to your rice filling. You can do this by adding some butter or a sprinkle of water.